The Making of 249|365 : dee~enchantedLake

The idea of this… because i want to make something for my birthday…

this time, i didnt want to make a birthday cake! :D

ok… lets check the starter image first…

i found this in my fave group Make It Interesting Group… this belongs to Alaskan Dude

well, after i grab this picture… i need a pretty background to complete the image…

i was googling to Deviant Art site… then i found pajunen picture here

and of course the lovely dove… from oddsock to make a sweet effect for the image

and then i put 2 beauty textures from pareeerica

The processing is quite simple, i just crop the starter image using polygonal laso in my Photoshop. And then drag it to the background picture… i gave burning and dodging to make the image has a nice dimention!

Photography is about lighting… right? i dont wanna see a flat and boring thing in this image…

i want something dreamy, romantic and sweet thing! :D

This is it!

~Have a Happy Shoot~


6 thoughts on “The Making of 249|365 : dee~enchantedLake

  1. You make it sound so simple, and I’m sure it’s not, but more importantly you had the initial vision of the end product. Nicely done :-)

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