How to Coloring The Image

Long time ago before I use Photoshop or Lightroom, I used an online editing software to edit my pictures. I just love putting the right colors to the images… for me software is a kind of like stairway to heaven…

This time… I try to use Lightroom 3. The latest version of Lightroom clearly benefits from the better algorithms for sharpening, noise suppression and optimized color rendition that is provided by the new Raw Engine…

The basic need of photographer to make an image ready for printing without having to undertake major adjustments is already being satisfied admirably by Lightroom 3.

So… I combine the Photoshop and Lightroom 3. The transfer of images between the two compatible programs functions very well…

Ok… now, I have an image… this one… I just want to coloring the image. If we have difficulties to mix and match the colors… we can use the colors guide book. We will know which one is the warm tones… or the cool tones…

This one…

and then we make it smoother look… push the arrow of Clarity to the left!

ok… if you want to make a pic like this one…

just push the saturation arrow to the left…

and then we play with toning in here… on Split Toning menu!

ok… the last one is vignetting… push the arrow of Lens Vignetting to the left… (use it if you like, but if you dont… leave it!, lol)

well, that is quite simple right? you should try… :)


use the softwares for fun… the important thing is how we handle our camera… From ISO, aperture, lens, the composition, etc.
Like a beautiful woman… i think she doesnt have to use lots of make up :)


5 thoughts on “How to Coloring The Image

  1. Thank you for the interesting article. It’s really inspiring!
    So, using a software is like wearing a make up! Hehe, it’s probably true. I am not sure, because I am a man;-)

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