Freelensing Freelensing Freelensing!

Till today, i havent changed my mind from doing the Freelensing :D

I still keep Toby’s picture  because it is my first memory and i wont forget! I found his picture in Explore Page on Flickr and then invite this picture for the Bokeh Land!

Freelensing is a sexy thing! Hand-manipulating a lens will reinvent your focal plane, producing amazing macro and tilt-shift effects that were previously only possible with special glass.

What we need to try this is just… SLR camera and a 50mm lens!

Basicly the freelensing is doing this…

and if you want to make a light leak effect you just need..

Be careful with your stuff… because detaching your lens can introduce dust and moisture to the body of the camera. Mitigate the risk by exposing the interior of the camera and lens as briefly as possible. Don’t walk around around with them decoupled; only detach them when you’re ready to take your picture. And when you hold up the lens, make sure you don’t bump the mirror or sensor.
Or you will dropping something. It’s much easier to drop the lens when it isn’t connected to anything! Before you head out, put a neck strap on your camera to reduce the need for equipment-juggling, and practice holding the lens in one hand while manipulating focus and zoom with your fingers.

If your leaks aren’t strong enough for your assertive tastes, you can augment them by moving the lens a bit further from the body, or by aiming a flashlight into the gap. Slip a colored gel over your light source to produce rainbowy disco effects, and it’ll look just like those last few shimmering frames at the end of a movie reel. Be careful if you’re using a laser-pointer — although it’s rare, a strong enough laser could cause sensor damage.

But the problem now, i still havent made portraiture picture with this technique! I’m sorry, i still havent found a model to it :D

Ok… my friend Barb wanna see that, maybe she can grab this link… my Flickr contact did this!

This is it! Hope you all will join Freelensing Group and start to post your pictures to this group and Bokeh Land too! :D

p.s: thanks to jomak14 and Steve for introducing me to this group  :)

~Have a Happy Shoot~


4 thoughts on “Freelensing Freelensing Freelensing!

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