a Date with Adapter

Not too long after Panasonic launched their first Micro 4/3 camera… i bought it without thinkin too much! :)
G1… became my first 4/3 camera!
I read Leica magazines a lot, so when i found out that Panasonic use their lenses many times , it becomes my priority. lol
Ok, let’s check it out from size side… it’s so small… light… and user friendly… especially for amateur like me!
i bet all of you can use it very easy…

this is the review about my lovey G1!.

But… in that time… it was so hard for me to get the lenses for my G1 :(
i want some bokeh in my pictures!!! so then i bought filter close up to satisfy myself. I started to make macro pictures then… :)
Well… the story still goes…
when i found out that Panasonic released their 45-200mm for Micro 4/3 camera… my heart was jumping that time! i bought it! lol.
Finally i can make bokeh!!! huurah…
I know my problem still there… i was so scared with low light! i always found noises in my pictures… i’m tired fix it with my lightroom…
i want a pretty look as much as my camera gets! I discussed bout this with my friend in my place… hmmm… but she’s not a 4/3 user… :(
she said there would be something happened with the quality of the picture if i use an adapter!
But then again, i read that there’s adapter to satisfy my needs… coz i want to use my nikkor lens on it!
Voila… and now i will prove to my friend… i date my adapter… and it gives me limitless fun!!

it’s not a big issue even Panasonic still released a few lenses…
let’s drive, babe!

~Have a Happy Shoot~

you can watch this video… how to use the adapter!
and this is the article from Tyson… about Your Micro 4/3′s camera + your existing lenses!

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