The Bokeh Fiesta Continued

I know… but it’s been 10 months after i read Tyson’s Tutorial i havent tried this software!

The reasons are..

1. Because i dont want to touch lots of softwares before i can control my gun aka my camera {at least i can make pretty pictures!}

2. My tasks always bugging me!

3. I want to try another trick such as Freelensing or Tilt Shift using Photoshop!

4. Maybe i’m a lazy one! hahaha {no way, even i havent touched this software i always wearing my fave “editor cut” pants!}.

Ok… lets have a look… yesterday i made some testing… and i set my PP in Zeiss 28mm… my dream lens!


So far… pretty satisfy! Makes me want to make lot of pictures and apply this cute software into it!

Many thanks Tyson… i dont know how to do with my photograph section without your blog!


5 thoughts on “The Bokeh Fiesta Continued

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