Celebrating The Beauty of Light with Textures {part-1}

The texture always a temptation for me… i want a painting look for my images…
i did this since i knew Pareeerica long time ago…
… right now i will write bout this for Steve
… a nice guy who curious bout this… :)
ok, Steve… lets do it…

First of all… we have to open our Photoshop! i use CS2 (this time i use original one… not a piracy hehehe)
The steps are…
1. Click “File” > “Open” and then select our image that we want to edit
2. after that… click “File” > “Open” and then select the texture that we want to apply to our image!
3. Click “Move Tool” or “V”… drag the texture to the our image…
4. Press “Control T”… and then we put the right size for the image… after fix… click your mouse on the image twice…
5. Click…

6. push the “Opacity” and “Fill” on the right one… till you get the colors/tones that you want!

This is it!
try it… and the next issue… i will show you how to pick the right textures for your image…



106 | 365 : Fire | celebrating the beauty of light


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