Celebrating The Beauty of Light with Textures {part-2}

ok… in this section… i really want to introduce “how to choose the textures” for my dear Anne.
Pick the right one is the hardest thing i guess :)
I’m kidding, it’s not like that…
The first thing that we have to do is… to set up our mind!
ok, we have lots of textures in front of our eyes… we will be confused with that…
one thing we can do is we must have a concept for our images…
what is the really really we want to see from our image to be seen…
If we have a concept, it makes us easier to make a decision!
For example…

i have a candid shot… i dont want my candid shot appears like a daily look!
i want to make up my candid shot like this…
094 | 365 : ready

so… i will choose the textures
1. * Golden Grain *, 2. * Motley Ochre *, 3. * Sugarcane *, 4. * Golden Fibres *

now for a dreamy or romantic look like this…

i will choose the textures…
1. * Tinkerbell *, 2. * Champagne Dreams *, 3. * Dreamy Bokeh *, 4. * Creamy Galaxy *

if i want a dark picture like this…
084 | 365 : happyFENCEfriday

i will choose…
1. square-9, 2. square-26, 3. square-24, 4. square-52

This is it!
if you still confuse with this whole things… you know how to find me…

Sincerely yours,
*spreading poison mode on*


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