The Eye On It!

In 1959 a zoom lens for SLR was born. Heinz Kilfitt made Voigtlander Zoomar 1:2,8 f=36mm-82mm.
And why do we must have a primer lens?
The answer is because zoom lens has a leak in optic, distortion when we use in wide and pincushion distortion when we use in tele.
And then, i start to use Nikkor 50mm f/1,8 for my Nikon camera.
With this lens, i can place the object not too close to my camera.
The problem is the sharpness of this lens makes our acne/wrinkle in our face can be seen! o la la… :)
But i think its better to have a clear picture, i can edit it more softness in my photoshop :)
The other feature that this lens has is “The Speed”. It has 2x-4x stops more faster than a zoom lens has! So, i wont scare to play low light…
With a big aperture, automatically we can minimize the depth of field. That’s the bonus if we want to make a portraiture…
When i use a minimum depth of field, the bokeh is my major priority.
Bokeh is an aesthetic quality in a blurry picture, i think!

Lately, i saw 2 kind of blade diaphragm that a lens has…
5 blade has hexagonal look… and 8 blade… has dot/round look!
Wiki said… In optics, a diaphragm is a thin opaque structure with an opening (aperture) at its center. The role of the diaphragm is to stop the passage of light, except for the light passing through the aperture. Thus it is also called a stop (an aperture stop, if it limits the brightness of light reaching the focal plane, or a field stop or flare stop for other uses of diaphragms in lenses). The diaphragm is placed in the light path of a lens or objective, and the size of the aperture regulates the amount of light that passes through the lens. The centre of the diaphragm’s aperture coincides with the optical axis of the lens system.
Most modern cameras use a type of adjustable diaphragm known as an iris diaphragm, and often referred to simply as an iris.

When the lens has lot of blade diaphragm… it makes the aperture more “dot/round”… my bokeh is like this one…


This is the real fact that we dont have to spend lots of money to have a lens with a good quality one!
Nikkor AF50mm f/1,8D that the answer for me right now!
This lens is so small, but its tough!
The original one was made for film camera 35mm in 2002.
I know that this lens hasn’t automatic focus motor, but in internal motor camera.
The price is soooo adorable! This Nikkor has 7 aperture… from f/1,8 till f/16… when Canon f/1,8 has 5 aperture!
So, what are you waiting for?
Grab this lens… and welcome to the club!

This is it…
~Have a happy shoot~


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