The Jam Session

Today… i really want to play a “music”. For such a long time i love Jazz music…
Jazz music is about improvisation…
It’s quite coloring for everything what i do in my daily life…
Ok, now let’s make a “Jam Session”…
Last day, Mr. Neil gave me permission to make his picture as my starter image to be put texture on it…
i told him, that i really really want to put textures on his picture… i want it really bad!
Mr. Neil… in my eyes… is a Master of Landscape… he did HDR without overdone!
i adore his fabulous works… and i have to thank to him… that he always put his works into our group!
Everyone can visit and see his works in here
Well… here is the starter image…


I’m a huge fans of texture! I think it’s a love at the first sight…
For the first time i saw it in Mr. Duarja’s works… He’s a Master of Art! All his works are full with art!
And then i searched textures that fits with my pictures… i found it in Pareeerica textures
So here i am today… I have to thank to all of them for introducing me with the art of textures…
I know i’m still a baby… (thats why i put nomilknocry as my screen name)… but i really proud to have them in my life… They’re a real Heroes…

p.s: you can visit these streams… to find great textures… hopefully you will join with their groups too
Shadow House, ~Brenda Starr~, Dyrk.Wyst


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