Better than this… Better than that!

Lately i always have a thought about the gear…

I have a question… will we have a sexier picture if we have a camera like that guy with the 7000-dollar body?

Umm, i must rethinking about this! Because i dont want to torture myself finding the answer!

Because being creative with the gear that i have right now is more important than wasting my time doing arguing! It will kill creativity… (Beside that, i want to take an intensive photography class for myself in this 2012)

All i need is… a commitment to make something out of what i imagined. And maybe i dont need an upgrade of gear for now… All the gear i need is in my head…

To make sharpness in my pictures… i need the right light and the right lens!



4 thoughts on “Better than this… Better than that!

  1. That’s a lovely macro shot and from having seen the work you produce, I think you do not need the ultra-expensive camera and glass. As much as I like techie photography (THE gear), you are right about the creativity being the most important thing, and you’ve got bags of it!
    Having said all that, if you have cash burning a hole in your pocket, treat yourself :-)

  2. sweet you! hahaha
    the bottom line is…
    i want to encourage all to do this…
    dont stop shooting just because you dont have expensive gears…
    because the beautiful thing is in front of you…
    … waiting to be shot!

  3. As a photographer, third important thing to own is good glass/body. Art and technique are the first two.
    Liked your photos on this blog.

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