Making Resolutions

I think its time for me to make a plan…

I cant deny that photography has stayed in my blood now… :D

Ok, i want to switch it into a positive way.  I know that i love sharing my passion with anyone! Sharing is Sexy! :D

A few friends of mine always asked me questions… “Inna, i read and followed all the steps that you gave to me about how to make the photograph, beauty!… but why mine is still have the ugly look?” hehehe phunny!

Ok… i will take a class now! My dear friend Capt. Robert gave me link bout Mr. Thorsten… and this is his link…

He has amazing extension course! but too bad, i want to learn lots bout lighting :(

i have to face to face with my Guru!… ok, i have another option… in Indonesia there is a Top Photographer that i admire since a long time…

(My Guru Pitka has learned from him too…) He is Mr. Darwis Triadi!

ummm, i have a plan to take an intermediate one!

There are Studio Lighting lessons… low key and high key, architecture and interior photography!, my fave… still life…

Ahh, i cant wait!!! i can imagine i will upload my work in the class and sharing with you!

I know i can learn for free from a friend who has studio in here… but i want a certificate and wanna know my marks!

But not in this short time… because i have an urgent tasks outside the photography stuff :P

Let see… what will come first…

2 days ago my female friend was asking me to join her trip to Mecca next year… (i have to digg the money for that! lol)…

but i always see this… as The Invitation from God! Amen…


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