my scootering days

I know i have already super old… but one thing that i cant remove from my life is riding a motorbike… My parents had 2 Vespa when i was a child… and i enjoyed it so much!

On May 12th this year, i bought  Scoopy (Honda) to complete my scooters family… i have red and black one…

This time i choose violet vintage colors! This scooter has 108cc… not too fast… but has pretty shockbreaker on it!

Violet Vintage ~ Scoopy




scoopy scoopy doo


bikey fence


bogo helmet

My gurl friends rarely to have a habbit like me…. usually i went to a place to meet them… i made an appointment… because i parked my bike in a place and then they picked me up! :D

Maybe they just dont want something happen with their skins… :)

This is it!

~Have a Happy Shoot~


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