Radio Paradise

I love songs… i love to sing :)
i always put ’em in my daily activities…
Recently my contact (Wink) show us the link to the online radio… Radio Paradise

A commercial-free DJ-mixed flow of modern & classic rock, world music, electronica, and more – plus an engaged and active listener community.

Without more questions i grab that link and started to upload my pictures…



Ok, what you need to do is… follow these rules!

Image Guidelines

  • Format: JPEG, 1280×720 or 1920×1080 strongly preferred, absolute minimum width is 1024 pixels.
  • 4:3 images will be stretched horizontally, so a 16:9 (“HD”) aspect ratio is preferred.
  • For display on a TV screen, images should be in “landscape” (rather than “portrait”) orientation.
  • Sets of images on a particlar theme or tied to a specific song are particularly welcome. Please explain that in “Notes or Comments” box.
  • No images of performers or celebrities.
  • Watermarks (photo credits) should be semi-transparent, not too large, and should be placed in the lower right of the image, offset from the edge by 20px or so.
  • We are particularly interested in landscape, nature, and abstract images.
  • If the image contains a human face or faces, it should be a “story” face.
  • No sexual imagery.
  • Must be your original work, used by permission, or in the public domain.

This is it!
~Have a Happy Shoot~


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