Oh My Dolce

on August 24… i bought a new camera… the OM-D E5 from Olympus.

me and my Dolce

I think i’m pretty satisfy with this camera, because this one has brought me to the new horizon of the adventure in photography life…
I love my old camera (Lumix G1 from Panasonic)… thats camera is the first generation from Micro 4/3 family :)
I did make lots of bokeh pictures with it… so, if you want to learn handling camera… i suggest you to start it with the beginner level camera first…
so when you have already made a great composition, dealing with the light pretty well (because photograph is about painting with light), has known the limitation of your camera… you will satisfy when you buy new camera to complete your lesson!
Thats what i feel! It brings me to the new level… and i’m pretty happy with it…
Sure, every camera has a leak side… but its our challenge to be creative… how to use our camera :)
Later i will share my experience to set my new camera… because my aim is to minimize the post processing for all my works…
Right now i will show you my SOOC works with Jpeg… like these…

Last but not least, this is the last picture i took with Lumix G1… not bad, uh?


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