Retro Look

I think i’m one of film look lovers!
Till now i tried to give vignette, grainy, light leak into my photograph…
But basicly… if we dont have softwares… we can do it directly from our camera…
We can capture the best shoots if we do it with the right setting.

Photograph with retro look has a blurry style… If we use tight DOF, the main focus of subject must be our concern…
Most of times i play DOF using manual focus… even it’s not simple but this skill will give us benefit for whatever the tools we use!
In retro look… the main subject doesnt have to be look too sharp

Today, most of camera having modes like toy camera/retro photo… such as Creative Filter…
giving grainy black and white… etc.

3. ISO
i recomend to choose the highest ISO to give grainy/noise to the picture

We can play the wrong white balance to make the balancing of colors on the picture is changing!
So then it will give film/filter effect.

I always use Exposure Compensation +/- to capture the photos in manual.
Dont worry if our photo will have under or over exposure… because it will give creative effect!

This is it!
~Have a Happy Shoot~


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