My Flickr Life

Since this year i didnt continue my membership on Flickr…
i just have no time to manage my account in there… but i have still groups to be managed :)

3.386 members on the group and my contact is about 2.000…

you can join our group in there Bokeh Land or in People

Its difficult to change the rhythm of my flickr life… i still upload pictures in there even i havent become a pro account anymore…

i have to thank to Flickr… they still gave me Explores till now…
here are they…

Right now i have a plan to make pictures bout my relationship with my Olympus EM-5 :)

bit more serious but in fun atmosphere…


5 thoughts on “My Flickr Life

  1. I know Flickr becomes a habit and can so easily become all consuming, but it does sound as though you are slowly breaking away (breaking free?) of Flickr!
    Perhaps you want to develop your photography on other platforms, such as this blog, perhaps it is just because of time and “life” limits. Whatever the reasons, if there are reasons, I will follow your work wherever it is.
    Nice new update to the blog design :-)

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